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Grand sand uses perceptual feeling style

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On March 21, the 4th " grand sanded cup " contest of Chinese swimsuit design is held in Beijing restaurant, the corresponding period of grand sanded brand released trend of popularity of underwear of China of Qiu Dong of grand sanded 2007/2008.
This, grand sand was rolled out " dreamy · is not had extremely " the 2007/2008 Qiu Dong that gives priority to a problem moves underwear news briefing. The underwear popularity trend that this season releases is on grand sand one season " let underwear move rise " the trend is outspread, basically give priority to in order to exceed dazzle and trend of popularity exceeding cruel, motion of make public underwear is changed, athletic science and technology is changed, innovation goes to develop new generation to move with newest high-tech the design concept of close-fitting equipment. Trend of this season underwear popularity differentiates a series in all.
a series of be " prospective world " . This series is given priority to with fabrics of dazzling silver-colored smooth bounce, deduce the effect that Yin Guangman shoots. Matched on much money underwear color is luminous fabrics edge, still have a tooth do an ornament, the long sleeve jacket of model body and athletic trousers are perfect show a concave and convex curve. The dew hilum that contains metallic slide fastener namely again grows sleeve cap unlined upper garment, the avant-courier of tie-in campaign style breaks up 7 minutes of pants of line, shed the grumous flavour that shows futurism.
The 2nd series is " the 5th element " . Use effect of computer number smooth shadow, gradual change color, those who bring dream is multicoloured. It uses all sorts of bright and full color piece joining together combination, most embroider badge will be applied to apply in underwear in fashionable dress, cabinet and delicate and fashionable avant-courier.
The 3rd series is " be astonished guest is Caesarean " . Frozen prospective machinery and dress outline confluence are together, fashion the fashionable creed that exceeds reality, highlight the notional element that behaves vogue of science and technology. It is set then have the paillette like crystal, build a spatio-temporal amlposition feeling. In black concussion falls, crystal diamond sends out fluorescent, join the clever application of Logo of grand sanded brand and Chinese element, get high, very hot silver, still having hollow out is this a series of characteristic.
"Use feeling, sex appeal, style " the brand concept that is grand sand. It is athletic series dress, household series dress no matter, still be athletic club, grand sanded brand is delivered all the time and advocate a kind active up life manner, healthy nature and the life condition that joy moves.