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Swimsuit course of study is the pillar industry that promotes a city. Swimsuit production is promoting a city to already 25 years develop the history, have more than 100 swimsuits to produce manufacturer and course of study door. As the building of city of swimsuit of the international that start a city put into production moves, " of big industry of this " small product realized the swimsuit the optimal conformity of resource. Current, first what promote city swimsuit city to had become 3 big swimsuits of our country to produce base, only the name of commodity amounts to nearly 100 kinds, famous brand commodity amounts to a few kinds.

As we have learned, the swimsuit that start a city holds world swimsuit market portion of 20 % above, the product sells past Europe, America, Africa to wait. Promoted city international swimsuit to be signed formally with Gao Min of world diving empress 2005 about, gao Min becomes the figure ambassador of the swimsuit that start a city.

Regard a swimsuit as the bibcock of course of study, liaoning is long Wang Yong of grand group president expresses, current, 3 big swimsuits of Chinese produce base to did not declare " of famous city of " China swimsuit. Accordingly they should seize favorable opportunity, declare first. The " China shoe that should resemble " of division of clothing of Dalian of famous city of shirt of Zhan Jiang of small commodities of Zhejiang justice black, Fujian, " , Wen Zhou " in that way, form wholesale and distributing center force, the " of famous city of swimsuit product " that join forces models calabash him island. Wang Yong tells a reporter, current, promote a city to be being run actively declare matters concerned of " of famous city of " China swimsuit. "After " of Chinese swimsuit famous city declares a success, what will carry glad city greatly is famous degree.