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"Swimsuit of China of " of grand sanded cup designs what the contest holds " tid

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Dispatch of channel of people net recreation kicks off in Beijing before weekday of China International fashionable dress, regard current the latest fashion as a of week important match, "Grand sanded cup " contest of design of swimsuit of the 4th China is held in Beijing restaurant on March 21 afternoon. The theme of the contest is " Ⅶ - wet " , through intense contend, the 旻 of 11 players money that comes from Tsinghua university academy of fine arts shows itself in 24 players, carry off gold prize. The work theme of money 旻 is " emerge wetly " , emerge wetly move be vitality of sea of Jiang He lake to reflect, have already " tide will emerge continuously 1000 snow " magnificent, also have " maritime bright moon in all tide is unripe " soft beauty. The inspiration of work results from tidewater emerges use the artistic concept that be on the move, choose different blue to behave the administrative levels of tidewater, reinforce administrative levels and dimensional feeling with white; Choose the flow of line and the beauty that twine the trends that expression emerges. (people net on March 21 report)