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City building of the swimsuit that start a city establishs sale network to open

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To take door going abroad, the swimsuit that start a city tries hard ceaselessly, development foreign market, built sale network in Europe, beautiful market gradually. Recently, the reporter understands, beneficial abundant makes SEARS of top class retail trade of the garment and American world and KMART company, Woerma the company built collaboration to concern. Long grand swimsuit group established limited company of 9 dragon international at was in Canada 2004, established business relation with the client of 20 many countries again 2005. End at present, the day arranges the product that makes abundant of the garment, beneficial make the garment, Hui De make sporting goods of the garment, Xia Die, Yan Hui make the garment, Heng Tai control the key company such as the garment to be exported entirely almost, year exit is achieved collect all be in above of 1 million dollar. In exporting a product, majority product is own brand, supplied materials treatment or the product that stick a card is very few, the own brand that some enterprises export amounts to 100 % . The product of each enterprise exports 25 countries such as the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and area respectively. "Triumphant Dillon " , " Bonishi " , " butterfly appearance " , " Aodeka " wait for a brand to enjoy reputation on the international market.