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Calabash island city " small swimsuit " make " big industry "

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This station dispatch starts a city is the travel famous scenic spot that has hill, spring, sea, island, city, the four seasons trenchant, sunshine enough, air is pure and fresh, natural zoology environment is favorable, it is the admirable harbour that suits to live most. The littoral travel environment with distinctive scenery, laid a foundation to promote urban travel industry to develop not only, the development that also is swimsuit course of study and grow created appropriate condition. From 20 centuries 80 time begin now, formed the swimsuit property with considerable dimensions gradually group. Manufacturing company is achieved 100 many, from personnel of course of study 7000 much people, equipment of form a complete set breaks through 6000, produce per year a swimsuit 12 million, production value breaks through 150 million yuan, swimsuit productivity is on the whole nation base of production of 3 big swimsuits, the miscarriage that makes be worthy of the name tastes big industry. However, because produce standard of dispersive, technology space of low, production is empty a narrow, technological equipment is backward wait for a problem to highlight, manufacturing efficiency and product are add the value sells at a discount greatly. The production of domestic mill type, increase capital scope small, because this cannot carry on the order of large quantities of quantities. Southern businessman was certain to encourage the weak sign of city swimsuit, taking large quantities of client order to emerge in succession Xiang Xingcheng, start a city 0 medicinal powder the swimsuit factory that come loose became their exit to achieve the manufacturing workshop that collect. And the swimsuit that starts a city produces manufacturer to snatch order, very reluctantly the demand a low price receives work, worker pay is equal to eliminate to did not make money almost, many additional cost for nothing by go off with of southern travelling merchant. Because scale of production is minor, swimsuit of the much that start a city door counterpoise without self-supporting exit, annual only foreign currency of prediction of a person's luck in a given year amounts to 130 much dollars, painful lose a country the drawback policy of 13% .

Face the current situation of course of study of the swimsuit that start a city, calabash island municipal government looks in the eye, be in urgently mind. Do by force to do the swimsuit line of business that starts a city as soon as possible big, began 2003, give policy guiding through the government, civilian battalion business is contributive and own management means conformity encourages urban swimsuit resource, promotion promotes city swimsuit to be in domestic and international competition ability.

Productivity conformity, change singles is fought alone manage for combination

Below governmental guiding, backbone of the swimsuit that start a city produces manufacturer to comprise industry combine, established Liaoning long limited company of grand swimsuit group, took right of administration of imports and exports, you Jiulong total factory unites integrated place to belong to minute of factory to produce resource, unified undertake manufacturing equipment to introduce updating, concentration purchases equipment of large and general core, to CAD dress the hi-tech equipment such as the design executes technical natural resources to share, can use the shortest time, the smallest investment realizes whole swimsuit industry group the technology upgrades replacement, by low technology, inefficient to hi-tech, efficient change, drive the integral promotion of scale of production of the swimsuit that start a city and technical quality.

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