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Chief inspector of vise general manager, market talks about grand sand the swims

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Online interview time: On March 26, 2005 16: 00-17: 00
  Nod onlinely: Sohu studio
  Honored guest: Grand sanded international (Hong Kong) Dan Rong of Peng of limited company vise general manager
Grand sanded international (Hong Kong) Liu Shaorong of chief inspector of limited company market
  Interview compere: Sha Sha of Han of Sohu woman channel

Grand is sanded vise general manager (right) Sohu of be a guest of chief inspector of as sanded as grand market

  Compere: Each netizen everybody good afternoon! Welcome to chatting room of Sohu honored guest. Flourish of carry on of Liu of chief inspector of market of limited company of international of He Haosha of gentleman of flourish of red of Peng of vise general manager of limited company of greeting grand sanded international arrives natively first between our interview. After afterwards holds a swimsuit successfully last year to design a contest, grand sand is mixed again association of Chinese dress stylist is strong strong together, make the 2nd swimsuit design a contest jointly. Ask 2 honored guests to be netizen introduction above all " swimsuit of grand sanded cup designs a contest " .

   Peng Dan Rong: Each netizen everybody is good, thank everybody one year to come sanded to grand care and attention, design the care of the contest to grand sanded swimsuit especially, I give everybody introduction the case of this second contest early days here first: This second although match time is short, but because had been the 2nd, the contest is already thorough popular feeling, the stylist of a lot of countries of Asian is thrown actively in the contest to come, this is us stylist fractionize market, more specialization reflect, this second contest gets work in all 1100 or so.
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