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The brand is spin of Liaoning of the first vivosphere dress reframes industrial

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While spin garment industry was offerring post of many obtain employment for my province, its international competition ability all the time weaker. The reason basically is the contradiction of deep administrative levels of product structure, because the additional cost of the product is inferior,restricting export growth. With the whole nation advanced area photograph is compared, I save spin garment industry to export product structure to still be optimized not quite, product of hi-tech product, high-tech content, high additional cost does not take dominant place. Mixed 2005 the spin garment industry that I saved Department of Commerce be includinged to the key is bred and develop 2006 exports famous brand, big Yang Ji is only round " start a life " brand.

How to raise me to save the quality that spin garment industry exports external? That should rely on own innovation to come namely " science and technology begins trade " , want to reduce manufacturing cost not only, raise a brand famous degree, make up for industrial chain to be short of regret to wait, and grow means fluctuation time in change economy even, such ability make our spin garment industry strong, let " China is made " stand proudly at the world.

Although be midwinter of the nine periods following the winter solstice, town of red flag of battalion mouth developing zone sets the 60 farmhouse woman of yellow flag village to never leave home however made money. Harbour of gold of mouth relying on battalion makes the clothing of limited company drive, the trousers that these farmhouse women rely on own brand to export for this enterprise " cut thrum " , it is OK to do not give a door not only obtain employment, still gained the income that does not poor. According to statistic, lean merely " cut thrum " , whole village can earn treatment every year to expend many yuan 20. Liu Shufen of this village woman says, nearly two years, she leans every year " cut thrum " increased 6000 multivariate income.

Make the clothing because of harbour of battalion mouth gold just about the business that limited company strengthens own brand to build so is increasing, although my province suffers raw material to rise in price, exit drawback tax rate is reduced, the RMB appreciates, the influence of a lot of and adverse element such as international trade camp, but I save spin garment industry to increase exit strength, doing make time of fluctuation of strong own brand greatly, change the product structure of exit hard, develop new market. Be in what just go 2006, I save textile dress to export the growth momentum that keeps driving all the time. The statistic of office of trade of the classics outside coming from a province makes clear, before last year 11 months, I save spin dress product to export 2.8 billion dollar, grew 15% compared to the same period, predicting annual can realize exit 3 billion dollar, the history that makes me save spin dress product to export is best a particular year.

The true actual price of a cap is worth

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