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"Grand sanded cup " contest of design of swimsuit of the 4th China is seleted li

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Zhu Qingsha is white " Ⅶ - wet " come

-- " grand sanded cup " swimsuit of the 4th China is judged at the beginning of design contest announce

Take international of He Haosha of outfit stylist association by China (Hong Kong) limited company sponsors " grand sanded cup " the swimsuit judges the 4th China to was announced on January 16, 2007 at the beginning of design contest. Since this second contest solicited contributinos in October 2006 oneself, receive 1276 to add up to to the manuscript that comes from 26 areas of countrywide in all, select strictly through what the commissioner meets, finally 24 work are seleted finals. Current race theme is " Ⅶ - wet " , set a gold prize, silver-colored award, copper award each two, finals general at was being held on week of China International fashionable dress on March 21, 2007.

As home exclusive swimsuit designs professional match, "Grand sanded cup " the influence of the contest is expanding increasingly, the quantitative year after year of contribute work increases by degrees, design level also promotes ceaselessly. Teach this by famous dress school, the expert commissioner that senior stylist and coach of fitness of grand sanded club constitute domestic underwear trade is met, gave high opinion to the contribute work of current contest. Take part in the match players the pulse of follow closely times, sufficient will fashionable popular element is applied in designing work, to the swimsuit the design threw full passion and inspiration. Commissioners are in of the design enthusiasm of highly praise players and wonderful inspirational origin, the design that also expresses to regard a swimsuit as dress of this kind of special purpose must give attention to two or morethings arrives functional sex, want can conversion experience, experience of the person that go pondering over design work to be being worn in the osculatory process with water personally, and a variety of problems that encounter possibly in use process. Tall shallow bay goes to wind and day, zhu Qingsha is white " Ⅶ - wet " come. No matter be the shallow bay below beautiful sunshine,play, still be the wave beach with grand sea sanded silver, we expect players can be brought to swimsuit design another scenery, can let " grand sanded cup " it is better that Chinese swimsuit designs a contest to go more on prospective road..."Grand sanded cup " contest of Chinese swimsuit design is seleted list

Number Full name Area Unit Work name 1 刘雯瑶 四川 四川师范大学服装学院 莲·颂 2 王 旭 陕西 西安美术学院 0°黑白 3 李奡妍 江西 江西服装职业技术学院 冰封夏日 4 袁慧芬 安徽 安徽工程科技学院 浮游 5 张雯雯 陕西 西安美术学院 精神之锚 6 李晟怡 湖北 湖北美术学院 Nymph 7 袁志伟 北京 北京服装学院 听…… 8 韩 磊 北京 北京服装学院 海恋 9 谢佳蕊 北京 北京服装学院 沉默之灰 10 颜锦珊 江苏 江南大学 China→F1 11 王志成 江西 江西服装职业技术学院 流 12 费芳芳 上海 东华大学服装学院 Ⅶ-东方魅影 13 梁议伊 广东 华南农业大学艺术学院 经典的夏日 14 杨世播 天津 天津工业大学艺术与服装学院 蓝潮 15 彭颢善 浙江 浙江嘉兴职业技术学院 脸谱解构 16 殷 妍 辽宁 东北大学大连艺术学院 热情奔放 17 周盛楠 北京 自由设计师 恋澜 18 钱 旻 北京 清华大学美术学院 潮之涌 19 张 捷 天津 天津美术学院 又见桃花红 20 佘美琴 广东 广州大学服装艺术设计学院 海洋日记 21 赵明明 辽宁 东北大学大连艺术学院 原始诱惑 22 孙 培 福建 西安工程大学福州服装学院 弃走潮儿 23 钟 扬 重庆 四川美术学院设计学院 潮·水舞媚影 24 汪 芳 四川 四川师范大学服装学院 太阳与海

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