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Good athlete of more than 60 winter swimming assembles in 50 cities Yantai has a

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Yesterday early morning 6:30, the urban district noisy and confused of voice of bathhouse of the first seawater, the old standard that a few mark have model of written characters of association of each district winter swimming is flying in wind, the lover of many 60 winter swimming that comes from 50 cities of countrywide assembles in harbor city, to have a good swim Zhi Fu bay does warm up to prepare.

Morning air temperature was made an appointment with yesterday 5 centigrade or so degrees, water is warm 6 Celsius, but winter swimming good athlete people did not feel cold it seems that, everybody takes off next thick dresses, change all the more " cool and refreshing " after the swimsuit, each spirit enlivens, prepare to rush to have a good swim to exhibit elegant demeanour in the sea at any time.

As we have learned, participate in this to have a good swim the each district mottled bamboo that the member of activity of Zhi Fu bay is chairman of each district association and net of Chinese winter swimming, they come from ten provinces such as Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Heibei, Shanxi, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang to make an appointment with 50 cities respectively, the Cheng fountainhead old person with the oldest age comes from red east, this year 83 years old, from on 80 time began the century winter swimming moves, flash went a few years, oneself body is stronger and stronger. The old person tells a reporter, oneself are red east the chairman of association of city winter swimming, red of net of Chinese winter swimming east area mottled bamboo, the net is called " Die swim person " , the old person says: "It is the life that winter swimming changed me. "It is the life that winter swimming changed me..

The age is the smallest is 10 years old " the home of winter swimming " violet jade (our newspaper Ceng Yu will report) on March 11, she begins study to swim from 1 year old many, parents follows to attend winter swimming since 6 years old. Last year, the family entered contest of countrywide winter swimming, violet jade is the smallest take part in the match team member, their home name countrywide only by contest organizing committee accordingly " the home of winter swimming " .

A lot of citizens in seaside amuse oneself are attracted by this grand activity, stop in succession watch, for winter swimming good athlete people cheer applaud. Photography reports reporter Wang Yi

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